Construction and agricultural machinery

Like agricultural machineries and combustion engines, construction machines require rugged, powerful filter systems. MANN+HUMMEL offers product ranges and customer-specific solutions for both the original equipment and the aftermarket segments. With this philosophy, you will always find the suitable solution for each machine under any conceivable operating conditions, and with light or extreme dust pollution present.

Filters for construction and agricultural machines

Powerful filtration solutions are indispensable for today's powerful vehicles. The overview below provides you with an insight into our filter portfolio for construction and agricultural machinery.

Air cleaners by MANN+HUMMEL

Reliable and service-friendly

Air cleaner ENTARON XD 40
Air cleaner Europiclon
Air cleaner IQORON
Air cleaner ENTARON HD 4
Air filer cyclone precleaner

Our single- and double-level stage air cleaner series are suitable for light to heavy dust pollution. They are available as standard products from the module or customer-specific developments, and can be easily adapted to your application.

Oil filters by MANN+HUMMEL

Individual concepts for your requirements

Oil change filter
Oil filter element
Lubricating oil centrifuge
Hydraulic filter

Oil filters carry out the filtration of lubricating and hydraulic oils in the main and bypass oil flow. Our extensive portfolio includes oil change filters, line filters, filter elements and oil centrifuges.

Fuel prefilters MANN+HUMMEL

Heavy-duty media for your prefilter

Fuel prefilter PreLine
Fuel prefilter PreLine with electronic fuel pump

The MANN+HUMMEL PreLine relies on multigrade media. It separates more than 93% of the water present in the fuel in accordance with ISO/TR 16 332 and fulfils the manufacturer requirements for injection systems.

Fuel main filters by MANN+HUMMEL

Heavy-duty media for your main filter

Spin-on fuel filters

Fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL separate particles from the fuel. This process protects the supply pump and the downstream high-pressure pump of your engine.

Additional information:

Crankcase ventilation by MANN+HUMMEL

Oil separators for closed and open crankcase ventilation

Crankcase ventilation ProVent
Crankcase ventilation ProVent filter element

The ProVent series is included in the MANN+HUMMEL portfolio. This series carries out oil mist separation from blow-by gases and pressure regulation in the crankcase. It combines a powerful oil separator element and pressure regulation unit into one system.

Cooling water compensation tanks by MANN+HUMMEL

The modular MCR product line

MCR cooling water compensation tanks
MCR cooling water compensation tanks
MCR cooling water compensation tanks
MCR cooling water compensation tanks
MCR cooling water compensation tanks

For mobile and stationary industrial applications, the MCR series offers 24 products in six sizes and volumes from 1.5 to 8 litres. Even cramped installation spaces can easily be equipped with the flexible modular tanks.

Cabin air filters by MANN+HUMMEL

Pure air in your cabin

Cabin air filters
Pesticide filters

In addition to fresh air and recirculating air cleaners for your cabin, we develop original equipment solutions for cabin air filters of categories 2-4 in accordance with EN 15695. These are used specifically for agricultural tractors and self-propelled crop protection implements.


The strong aftermarket brand

For more than 75 years, MANN+HUMMEL has been a filter specialist and a qualified development partner of the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. We are among the leading global filter manufacturers and, with MANN-FILTER, one of the strongest aftermarket brands. The highest quality for the most stringent requirements.

Dealer finder

Dealer finder

MANN-FILTER products in OE matching quality are available at selected dealers and repair shops in Germany and many other countries. Simply click on the map to find the nearest dealer to you for industrial applications.

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Try out the replacement parts of our
MANN-FILTER products in OE matching quality. A wide product range covers many common industrial applications. Here you can find additional information about us.




In the Academy interesting animations help you learn about the function of oil, fuel and cabin filters and air cleaners. The clips also show how to change the filter elements.


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Electronic fuel pump

Electronic fuel pump

Christian Kocksch, Lead Product Engineer for fuel and urea filters, and Dominic Burgstahler, Product Manager for liquid filters, have been involved in the development of the PreLine with built-in e-pump from the very beginning.

Entaron HD 4 Best in Class

Entaron HD 4 Best in Class

The new ENTARON HD 4, air cleaner, for nominal flow rates up to 4 m3/min, is the smallest of its kind in the market. Find out yourself, what makes the ENTARON HD 4 the Best in Class.

Leadership in Filtration